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Your claim to our experts in personal injury

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Have you been involved in an accident without it being your fault? If yes, how much compensation can you get for this.

Actually, it is a case-to-case basis. Your case will be studied by an injury claim specialist based on your recovery time and how severe the injury is. If you have been injured because of someones negligence, you can file for a no fault accident claim. More often than not, cases are successful. There are also times when they are not.

In case you lose the case, do not fret because we operate on a “no win, no fee” basis.

In case the claim is won, 100% of the injury compensation will be given. You will be informed if there will be further deductions from the compensation. However, deductions are usually taken only from assault claims.

Usually, the ones seeking compensation complain of broken bones and soft tissue injuries, back injuries and whiplashes.

If you want to seek injury claim advice, it is required that you get a medical assessment. This can be found throughout the area with the help of an injury claim specialist.

Want to find out if your chances of winning a no fault accident claim is successful? Talk to us today for free and we will give your claim to our experts in personal injury.