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Workplace Accident Compensation – Calculate Your Claim

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Workplace Accident Compensation

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Workplace Accident Compensation

Women are more at risk of experiencing injury and lodging a workplace accident compensation claim based on how they sit.

It is a Swedish study that discovered about women being more at risk of having a whiplash based on the way they adjust their seat. Bertil Jonnson of Umea University claims that women seat higher and closer to the steering wheel. Their backs are more upright and rested hence making them more susceptible to neck injuries due to whiplash that happens during rear end impacts.

Workplace Accident Compensation Claim

The data on the study was founded on the statistics of a Swedish insurance company which compared and contrasted the seating positions of men and women with the use of different kinds of crash test dummies.

It was essential that the study use female testing dummies to improve the variables of the research because it was said that some dummies used in the study showed seating positions like that of a male stature during testing.

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Insurance provider for women, Sheila’s Wheels was asked by Legal & Medical if she thinks that the results of the study would affect the number of premiums or could be a cause for concern for insurers. She said, “If there was a study in the UK which highlighted something similar then it would be a cause for workplace accident compensation and as an insurer specializing in insurance for women, we would be keen to help raise awareness to women of any such studies and provide them with support / tips / advice on how to best sit in a car to help prevent the extent of whiplash injuries.”

However, according to Legal & Medical, the spokesperson of MIRA Ltd., the company who carries out international safety tests, claims to have used crash test dummies that characterize the female population and that the seating positions have been set according to the directives of the legislation like EU directives. He also claimed, “We have filmed from bridges for instance and observed people’s seating positions.

There are huge variations country to country, depending on the time of day and other factors, not just between male and female drivers. We also test ‘out of position’ for instance with arms or even legs out of the window. It could be that women aren’t adjusting their seating to the right position. We are looking at research work at the moment to produce cars that could sense the size of the occupant and automatically make adjustments accordingly.”

RSA Accident View

The Royal Society of Accident Prevention made it clear that head rests decrease the chances of having a whiplash despite the overall seating position of the individual. This is supported by a UK study. “We encourage people to ensure that their head restraint is properly adjusted every time the car is used if there are different drivers using it. This helps prevent whiplash by reducing the distance between the back of the head and head restraint, stopping the neck from bending back on impact.”

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The Deputy General Secretary of Unite, Graham Goddard, declares : ‘We have given the FSA compelling evidence. There is a clear case for action to bridge a gap in the workplace accident compensation regulatory regime. Accident victims lose out because if they aren’t receiving truly independent advice, they don’t know the true value of the claims. Our evidence is that sometimes they are being told they don’t have a good case when they do.”

The so-called “third-party capture” is an element of their business model says the insurance industry. It is a direct answer to the continuous increase in the cost of processing claims. This can actually eliminate the cost of hiring a lawyer.