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Workplace accident compensation claims are increasing

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One of the most common accidents that happen in public places is slipping on a wet floor. The standard operating procedure for this is to place warning signs to avoid accidents. Malls, pubs, supermarkets or even the workplace are the common places wherein these accidents happen.

One of the most frequent mistakes these public places commit is not placing warning signs to protect their customers. If it can be proven that it is the fault of the management, then making a no fault accident claim is possible. If you happen to get injured in your office due to a wet floor, you can set up a workplace accident compensation claim. Wet roads or pavements are an exception to the rule since it could be due to rainfall and is out of the control of the local authorities.

Accidents should be recorded into an accident book as soon as possible so as not to omit any important details of the incident. Accounts from witnesses are also equally important.

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