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Workplace accident compensation – claim values rising

by sientelo99 on

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A recent accident has pushed a shop assistant to pursue a workplace accident claim. Any employee of a certain company can file a claim for as long as it is proven that the employer is responsible for the accident.

There are a lot of injuries that can occur in the workplace. They can trip over things misplaced on the ground, get grounded by electric cables lying on wet floors or even slip on a wet comfort room flooring. It is the employees responsibility to see to it that all their employees are safe. They need to health and safety laws that they all could abide by.

In case of an accident, it is always best to keep an injury log book in which events in the incident can be recorded. It is very vital to keep all details filed. This will be used for judging the success of a workplace accident compensation claim.

We have handled numerous cases of injuries at work. We ensure a 100% personal injury claim value payout upon winning a claim.

We have handled many accident claims for shop assistants and all, upon winning the claim have received 100% of the injury compensation awarded.