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Workplace Accident Claim – How To Make Sure You Receive 100% Compensation

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Workplace Accident Claim

workplace accident claim

Workplace accident

A workplace accident claim case is the largest epidemic of occupational lung disease in the UK. The Birminghan Mail conveyed that the workers at the Powertrain plant, the engine division of the now non-operational company MG Rover, set up a claim for UK injury compensation for the reason that they were exposed to chemicals that were not handled correctly.

Due to this, the workers acquired asthma and extrinsic allergic alveolitis which can cause irritation and inflammation of the lungs. Some even got both diseases at the same time. The cases were filed in 2003 but it took seven years for the UK compensation payout to be settled. To add insult to injury, MG Rover was already out of business. As a consequence of this, the former employees of Powertrain Plant had to file their UK workplace accident claim against the motor companies’ insurers.

Workplace Accident

Accident Claim Settlements

Finally, they had reached a settlement. According to the conditions of the settlement, all the 79 employees who filed the case will get an allotment totaling to more or less £1 million. Therefore, they will each be receiving betweeen £ 500 and £180,000 in compensation.

If the compensation had not reached a fair decision, it would have been on court in May of the subsequent year and would take a longer time in settling. John Walsh of Unite the Union carried out his disappointment towards how long it took to bring an end to the case. He said, “I am delighted that after a seven-year legal battle our members have now received compensation that has been owed to them since they suffered ill health back in 2003-04. It is a pity that it has taken this long.”

In 2006, the Health and Safety Executive disclosed that the mist being emitted from the metal working machines were responsible for the epidemic that claimed the lives of more than 100 people. The association discovered that the metalworking fluids which were utilized in the plant had not been preserved enough permitting a quantity of possible dangerous chemicals including bacteria to accumulate therefore contributing to the spread of diseases.

According to one of the solicitors who was among the individuals involved in the workplace accident claim case, they tried to settle the matter with the claimants as soon as they could but failed.

workplace accident claim

Legal Claim Positions

He said that they sent out an invitation to the petitioners’ legal team to talk about the settlement but it was turned down resulting in another 5-year battle. When the final expert evidence was presented, the defendants conceded that they would lose if ever the case went to trial. They finally acknowledged accountability and were willing to talk about how much UK compensation they should get.

Workplace accident claim cases are arduous and long processes. You need all the legal advice you can get your hands on when trying to obtain a payout.