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Whiplash Injury Compensation – Calculate Your Compensation Here

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Whiplash Injury Compensation

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Whiplash Injury Compensation

Many people do not know how to go about claiming whiplash injury compensation after experiencing a road accident. Others simply just ignore it particularly if the damage caused by the incident is as minor as a dented bumper. But even if it is the case, you still need to give it your full attention. Though it is a case to case basis, there is a standard procedure that you have to follow when making a claim.

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Are You Officially Permitted to Make a Claim?

No one is exempt from making a claim for damages if you feel that you have been injured and hurt in the said incident caused by another person. Road users, and that includes cyclists, motorcyclists and even pedestrians have the right to pursue their claims. You are actually making a claim against the insurer of the person being held accountable for the accident and the subsequent injuries it brings.

If you happen to be the driver, the passengers in your car can make a claim against you aside from the driver of the other vehicle if you wish. Just make sure that you make you claim within three of the occurring accident – though the sooner the better. After that, you will find it very hard to process your claim.

Collecting Through Your Insurance Company

When people find themselves in the midst of an accident, many discover that it is their obligation to get in touch with their insurer just to get their whiplash injury compensation claim considered. In a number of cases, this is an uncomplicated process particularly if there are witnesses present and there were policemen at the scene of the mishap.

You will be requested by your insurer to accurately report the whole incident and squeeze out all the information they can get from you. Then, an investigation will take place. Afterward, they will call you with for more information.

Most of the time, reporting an accident will usually be just a few hours from the time it happened. However, getting your claim is not as fast as this. That is why insurers need your statement as soon as possible to start the investigation immediately. Then your insurance company will offer you compensation and most the time, it gets accepted by people. There are actually a number of reasons why this is done.

First is to speed up the procedure. Second is to get the cash you believer you are owed. If you feel that the claim given to you is not enough or is worth more than what your insurance company offers you, you can always get in touch with an accident claims expert for advice on the matter.

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Getting Your Claim Through an Accident Claims Specialist

If you feel that the amount being offered by the insurance company should be bigger, you are always free to contact an accident claim specialist. However, you should talk to your insurance company first to settle some contractual issues there are before setting a claim somewhere else. The procedure for a whiplash injury compensation claim is somewhat the same. Provide them with the important information and the investigation will be up to them.