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Whiplash Injury Claim – Calculate Your Claim Value Here

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Whiplash Injury Claim

whiplash injury claim

Traffic accident scene

Every year thousands of U.K. motorists make a whiplash injury claim. This is the most common type of injury claim. These kinds of claims feature in more than half of all cases, as whiplash features in most accidents, even those with vehicles travelling at low speeds.

You can make a claim for injuries sustained to yourself or passengers in the vehicle. Typically these claims consider loss of income, damage to vehicles and personal property, and the cost of hiring a replacement car. Claims also cover further expenses you may have incurred following the accident. For example you may have required medical treatment as a result of the accident which brings its own costs e.g. travelling to the medical establishment, or the cost of the actual treatment itself.

Whiplash Injury

Solicitors Interest

There are a lot of solicitors which will be seeking to handle your case if you decide to claim. Its best to do some of your own research before contacting a solicitor. For example some firms that don’t specialise in personal injury claims consider the work to be less of a priority than their core business.

Such solicitors often delegate any whiplash injury claim to less experienced staff. The choice is yours, but it may be beneficial if you select a solicitors that deals solely in personal injury claims. A good way of doing this is to contact a claims management company which have such contacts.

Injury Claims And Insurance

Worth noting is that claims can be complicated affairs. There are various parties involved, from insurance companies to solicitors. However specialised solicitors firms have vast experience in handling such claims and will be able to guide you clearly through the process.

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Its likely that any claim you make will be under a no win no fee arrangement. Such claims are common as legal costs are covered by the losing parties insurer. However if you lose your case then there could theoretically be fees you could be liable for. To minimize the risk most people take out an insurance policy to cover this event. This is known as after the event or ATE insurance.

Your solicitor may cover the cost of this policy, or they may pass this onto yourself. This will depend on how strong the solicitor believes your case for making a whiplash injury claim is, and thus the likelihood that this policy will be used.