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Whiplash Claim for Compensation

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Whether a driver or passenger, injured parties file for a motor accident compensation claim immediately after the incident. People who suffer from whiplash injuries are not exempted from this. Most of the whiplash injury cases we have handled are caused by a car that has been hit on the rear by another vehicle. This can cause individuals inside a car to get their heads thrown back and forth therefore causing injury to their head, neck, and shoulder muscles. Our claim specialists work on a no win no fee basis and this has helped clients receive every penny that they deserve without deductions.

Before making a claim, make sure you have enough evidence to support that you have no fault in the said incident and your injury is severe enough to require medical attention. Remember that you have to file your claim within three years of the accident date. Otherwise, your case is rendered invalid. For more information please contact us at 0845 10 88 3833.