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Whiplash Accident Claim – How To Make A Successful Claim

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Whiplash Accident Claim

whiplash accident claim

Car accident scene

If you’re thinking about making a whiplash accident claim you’re far from alone. About three quarters of the U.K.’s motor insurance claims are for whiplash. However some claims are much more straightforward than others. Its important you educate yourself on some of the pitfalls seeking such compensation can have.

Why Does Whiplash Happen?

Usually because the human body has been thrown forward. This is often the result of one vehicle crashing into the back of another. For whiplash to occur the collision does not need to be high impact. To help combat whiplash most modern vehicles use ‘crumble’ zones which cushion or decreases the impact of collisions.

Whiplash Accident Claim

Whiplash Symptoms

It can take some time after an accident occurs before symptoms appear, as much as a few weeks. Typical symptoms of whiplash are:

  • neck swelling
  • decrease in neck mobility
  • headaches

However symptoms aren’t confined to the neck. Perhaps that’s one reason why you’re considering making a whiplash accident claim. Other symptoms are:

  • tinnitus (an unpleasant sound in your ears)
  • Pins and needles in your hands
  • lower back pain
  • blurred vision

Symptoms such as blurred vision and headaches should not last long. Its suggested you visit a medical professional like your GP if they persist. There’s more information on whiplash on the BBC health website.

Recovering From Whiplash

Depending on the severity of the whiplash you may make a full recovery quickly. Most people only experience and whiplash related discomfort following an accident for a few days.  However if the impact of the accident was severe some people may experience reoccurring neck pain for the rest of their lives.

Accident Claim Physio

If you’ve received a whiplash injury following an accident through no fault of your own, you may consider making a claim for compensation. It doesn’t matter whether you were a passenger of driver in the accident, as long as you were in the non fault vehicle. Such claims are not soley restricted to car accidents.

You may be entitled to compensation if you were in a taxi or even a bus. Don’t be reluctant about seeking compensation if you’ve experienced such an injury. Injuries can be expensive to treat for example physiotherapy. If you’ve been off work due to the accident you may also consider claiming for loss of earnings.

This claims calculator will give you an idea how much your whiplash accident claim could be worth. The severity of the injury will play an important part of the claim value.

How Do Insurers Know If Claims Are Genuine?

This can vary between different companies. Most will start by obtaining a medical report from the hospital if you attended one after the accident. Many insurers will also consult with their own doctor.

How To Help Your Claim

Putting in a claim for whiplash following an accident requires proof that another person can be held to account for your injury. Ideally you should record names and addresses of anyone who was witness to the accident. If the driver at fault leaves the scene or doesn’t have insurance you should contact the police.

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When To Claim

Its usually best to make a claim for compensation as soon as possible following an accident. However from the time of the accident you have three years to put in claim. There are some exceptions to this rule.

Mental Disability

Can claim until they are no longer in need of treatment


Here the three year time-frame starts on their eighteenth birthday. Therefore up until twenty 21 years old children can put in claims  - even as far back as an accident that may have happened during formative years.