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Traffic Accident Compensation – How To Calculate The Value?

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Traffic Accident Compensation

traffic accident compensation

Traffic accident scene

If you’ve had a car accident and plan to make a traffic accident compensation claim its best to do some research first.  An important point to remember is that is usually a bad idea to use the solicitor your insurance company forwards you to.

They are usually generic legal firms, and their lack of specialisation in personal injury cases often mean they win less compensation than you could win going through a good claims assessor, such as Claim Guide.

Also remember compensation claims are time barred. In theory you have three years from the date of the accident to make a claim. However in practise few solicitors will take on a case older than 2 years.

You should write down an incident report detailing the accident. Be very careful with this report as this will be compared with the police and medical reports.  If the facts do not match up your claim could be rejected.

traffic accident compensation

Medical Examinations

Your own involvement is another significant element of your claim. Many people are wary of the term ‘medical examination’. However its more of a meeting with someone from a medical agency who asks you some questions rather than a physical examination!

Such an examination will help when claiming compensation. They will also help in the case of longer term claims where a doctor can track your medical history from the time of accident to the present. Medical data is just as vital as the police information. When making a traffic accident compensation claim, do consult the police records regarding the accident. If they tally with your information your case becomes stronger.

For a more successful claim, statements from other parties involved and testimonies from witnesses can be very helpful.

Its usually best to use the services of a claims management company like Claim Guide to help your claim. They professional experts in the legal field with vast experience of dealing with accidents of all kinds, even industrial accidents and they will advise you all the way. Road compensation claims often come down to two important questions.

  1. Were you in a road accident within the last 3 years?
  2. Was there some else at fault for what happened?

If so then you may have the right to make an accident claim against the person at fault for the accident.

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Proceeding with an accident compensation case

To proceed further you should decide if you are entitled to traffic accident compensation. There are a number of things that are eligible for compensation including pain suffered, damaged goods, financial losses, legal expenses and interest. That’s right, interest can be claimed for pain and losses however the rate can vary according to the type of loss.

It is not necessary for you to be candid about your personal financial history. Your claim will not suffer due to previous circumstances where you may have had financial problems.