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Traffic Accident Claim – Why You Should Instruct A Solicitor

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Traffic Accident Claim

traffic accident claim

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All traffic accident claim cases should be handled by a solicitor to maximise compensation. They will guide you through the legal process of filing your claim against the other party. Be wary of your insurance company sending you to their ‘recommended’ solicitor. They are simply trying to sell your case to the solicitor that pays the most!

These solicitors are seldom specialised in personal injury, often working for generic legal firms. They are thus less likely to maximise the compensation you could win elsewhere, and often offer a rather poor all round service. As they spend so much money buying cases from insurance companies, they often can’t justify putting as much time into working on your case as other firms would.

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Using A Personal Injury Solicitor

In the UK, hiring a solicitor for a personal injury claim usual means using a so-called conditional fee agreement that utilizes a “no win-no fee” contract. This means that whether you win or lose your case, you do not have any financial obligation to your solicitor in most circumstances. In the event of you winning the case, you solicitors cost will be covered by the third party.

If you lose, your solicitors costs will be absorbed as a business expanse, or covered by legal insurance. On most strong claims, this insurance is paid for by the solicitor. If your claim is weaker you may be asked to take out this insurance policy.

The solicitors duty is to give legal assistance to those that seek guidance traffic accident claims. You will be asked to gather information regarding the accident and subsequent events including loss of income, expenses, and all physical injuries that you have experienced.

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Witnesses Can Help Your Accident Claim

Aside from the claimant and the liable party, witnesses, accident investigators, medical experts, and photographers may be relevant to any potential claim. Their statements can be important, although they are by no means necessary to make a successful claim.

Traffic Accident Compensation Claim

In summary, remember that solicitors and claims assessors such as Claim Guide are the best people to give advice on claiming compensation. Be careful of your insurance company offering you the services of their solicitor for free. They are in fact simply trying to sell your case to the firm of solicitors that pays the highest price.

Solicitors that have to buy cases from insurance companies are usually of a lower standard than you could find elsewhere. Further they often work for generic legal firms that don’t specialise in personal injury claims.