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thinking of setting up a claim?

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Have you been a victim of criminal assault and thinking of setting up a claim? If yes, we at the Claim Guide can help you. All our injury claim specialists are available to extend a helping hand towards victims of assault.

It is not a requirement that the police witness the assault in order to set up an injury claim. It is enough that you report the incident as soon as you can so as not to lose the detailed and very vital information for a successful injury claim set up. Although two years is the maximum amount of time for reporting an assault. Plus, urgent medical attention is one important factor in setting up the claim.

We understand that a violent attack does not only affect the victim but also his family that is why every injury claim specialist here is always available to help. Your injury claim will be handled on a “no win, no fee”. You are adviced that a deduction of 25% from the injury compensation will be made. This is will be done in case the solicitor fails to claim their fees from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

You are reminded to be ready to prosecute the victim at any time if the need arises. This will help in a successful personal injury claim value set up.