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The Legal Limit of Alcohol

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For safer roads, there are precautions for strict drink driving. During the Christmas period and New Year when people often go beyond the legal limits for alcohol consumption and continue to drive their vehicles, which sometimes leads to an accident or injury.

It ‘been a recent case of a driver Southmead, Bristol. A drunk driver crashed his car when he was three times over the legal limit of alcohol. As a result, he was disqualified from driving for three and a half years and has been ordered to pay costs and stay home at night under curfew for three months.

If so, you’re the driver or passenger was injured in the driver’s alcohol limit the result of an accident may be able to cross the threshhold of a accident claim help case.

To cause an accident while intoxicated injured must be diagnosed by a physician and medical records. It would be good if you have a reference number to police the police.