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Terms and Conditions

How will Claim Guide help you?

A friendly representative will l listen to you and record details of any accident you experienced. If we believe you could benefit from legal advice and you may have a claim, we will offer to connect you with a specialist solicitor.

Our service is completely free. You will not be asked to sign anything or enter into a contract. The service does not extended to legal advice, which is provided by a network of experienced personal injury solicitors. We are not in a position to help everyone who contacts us. If we believe this is the case with your situation, we will let you know.

The service we provide is funded by our network of solicitors. However these solicitors will not charge you for costs that relate to our service. Our solicitors are instructed to help you as much as possible with your case. This includes estimates as to what compensation level you may receive if your case wins. It will also be made clear to you whether you are likely to have to make any kind of financial contribution. Usually this will not be the case. It is likely you already have legal expenses insurance to cover your case. However even if you don’t there is a good chance you will not have to pay anything regardless of whether or not you win your claim. Your solicitor will provide more details.

At Claim Guide we are always trying to improve the service we offer clients. As such we may ask the solicitors for brief details of the outcome of your compensation case. This information is treated in the strictest confidence. However it you do not want this information to be passed on, please make your solicitor aware.

Legal Accreditation

Every firm of solicitors we provide as be chosen to provide legal services for personal injury claims. They are specialists in their field.