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Slip injury compensation claim

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Anyone who has been involved in a slip accident may set up a slip injury compensation claim for as long as it has been found that they are not at fault in the said accident.

If you happen to find yourself suffering from an injury at work after slipping on a wet or greasy floor, you are allowed to file a slip accident claim.

Usually, “wet floor” signs are put up in public places like in restrooms, in malls and even in the office to warn people to be extra careful when passing. If someone meets an accident in a certain area and it was found that there was no warning sign at all, the victim can ask for an injury claim advice and set up a slip accident claim.

Broken bones, torn ligaments and tendons and severe bruising are some of the most common complaints when setting up a slip accident claim. You have to remember that the injuries sustained should be enough to seek medical attention.  Otherwise, setting up an accident claim online would be useless.

Rest assured that your claim will be handled by an injury claim specialist on a No Win, No Fee basis. We promise ensure you the 100% payout of the slip accident compensation without any deductions. In case of a lost claim, no payment is required.