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Roundabouts and Accidents

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Roundabouts are accident-prone areas that is why it is required that motorists be careful when driving through them. There are many reasons why drivers meet accidents at roundabouts. They can either be travelling too fast or have been in the wrong lane while trying to enter or exit it. They can also be tailgating the car in front and failed to stop in time. Roundabouts can be busy especially during peak times.

Usually, insurance companies view roundabout car accidents as 50/50 accident meaning that the blame is placed on both drivers. Even if that is the case, a car accident compensation claim can still be filed. Your case can be stronger when you have been seen and diagnosed by a doctor to have sustained severe injuries.

The most common injury suffered on a roundabout is a whiplash injury. Your car can either be hit on the side or on the rear. There can occasionally head-on collisions especially if a driver has been driving on the wrong side of the road. Events of a whiplash injury should be reported as soon as possible in order to make a good whiplash injury claim.

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