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Road Traffic Accident Compensation – Estimating The Value

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Road Traffic Accident Compensation – An Overview

Road Traffic Accident Compensation

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There are over 1,000 road traffic accident compensation claims filed in the UK everyday. The reason behind this is simple. If a third party causes an accident and liability is clear, making a claim (usually for whiplash) is a pretty straightforward affair.

Traffic Accident Compensation

Most claims are processed by personal injury solicitors. They help the claimant win the appropriate compensation that is due them. Personal injury solicitors are highly knowledgeable on U.K. law regarding road injury compensation. Aside from all the theoretical knowledge, it is also important that your solicitor has had an experience when it comes to running such claims. This can be an edge in winning tough or borderline cases.

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Strengthening The Case Of A Compensation Claim

In order to strengthen your case and win the highest compensation amount possible, it is vital you can demonstrate that it was the other party’s fault for the accident, and that you have sustained loss. Medical statements and any bills you receive will help prove you have suffered due to the actions of the third party, and you therefore need to be compensated. Witnesses to the accident can be helpful, but they are by no means necessary.

A good personal injury solicitor will win compensation without the case ever going to court. They will talk to and negotiate with the other party’s insurance company on your behalf.. Its important you choose a good personal injury solicitor from the start, as its not possible to change legal representation once you claim is being processed.

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Solicitors And No Win No Fee Agreements

A good personal injury solicitor will be able to guide a client during the entire process of running their claim. Fortunately in the UK, this is normally done using a “No Win, No Fee” service. Further, even if you lose your case you are unlikely to pay. Most firms only take on cases they believe are very likely to win, and absorb the costs of the few cases they lose as a business expense. This expense is not normally passed onto the claimant.