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Qualify for a no fault accident claim

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London covers a large area. It is divided into two sections – the City and Greater London. The City measures one square mile while Greater london stretches out over a hundred square miles. London is composed of different cultures and religions and its citizens speak approximately 300 languages. Since it is a big city, 7.5 million of people inhabit the city and they travel thru cars, buses, motorbikes, and trains. This makes London an accident prone area.

Citizens of London can qualify for a no fault accident claim in case they meet an accident that was out of their control. However, if it was 50/50 liability case, an injury claim can still be established. Just contact our injury claim specialist for more accident claim help.

We have assisted so many people in winning injury claims in London. Just remember that here is a strict time limit of three years in order to make your claim a valid one. We work on a “no win, no fee” basis and we ensure you of a 100% compensation payout.