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Personal Injury Claim Value – Discover How Much Your Claim Is Worth

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Personal Injury Claim Value

Personal Injury Claim Value

Injury claims

The personal injury claim value of your case will depend on number of different factors, some of which you may currently be unaware of. Indeed because everyones situation is slightly different the claim settlement will be unique.

To give you an idea, claims are based on your injuries, pain levels, inconvenience you’ve experienced and the overall impact of the accident on your life. There are common factors which will influence this amount.

Loss Of Future Earnings

Typically here the claim is of higher value as the claimant and the case is more serious. Possibly the person claiming may be unable to return to work at all in the future in severe scenarios. More common is a situation where a person has to seek employment in a less well paid job than they took prior to the accident. Due to their nature calculating this figure is hard to do, and uses a different method to the more commonly calculated loss of past earnings.

Personal Injury Claim

Loss Of Past Earnings

This aspect of personal injury claims is much more common. Normally this refers to a scenario where a claimant experiences a short term loss of earnings. Typically this also refers to a person being unable to return to work, or returning to work on a part time arrangement as they recover from injuries received.

Normally this aspect of a claim is calculated by comparing the earnings of an individual before the accident with post accident earnings to calculate the personal injury claim value.

Medical Treatment Costs And Injury Claim Value

Unless the injuries you received were minor, its likely you will need medical attention following your accident. Your personal injury claim value can include costs of certain treatments between the time of the accident and date of the settlement or trial. Note you will require legal advice on whether its possible you for medial costs which were incurred due to an accident.

Depending on the legal representation you choose, your solicitor may arrange for you to receive an assessment from a doctor. Further examinations or advice could be required as a result of the initial consultation. Its important to note that such an assessment does not need to be done immediately after the accident, nor should it be done so soon. Injuries often take a while to ‘settle’.

A medical expert should make you aware of this and set a date for an assessment with this in mind. You can expect this date to be around two months after the date of the road accident.

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A range of medical related aspects can be included to calculate your personal injury claim value.  You could require long term medical care which could be included in your compensation package. A serious accident may have resulted in personal disability, which often incurs further costs relating to necessary equipment. For example you may need a wheelchair.

If this is the case its likely alternations to your living arrangements will be required which incur for costs for which you could claim. You may required a downstairs toilet to be installed, or maybe a stair-lift.

The value of your personal injury claim can also include travel and care costs you experienced as a result of an accident. These may include trips you made to a hospital or medical establishment to receive treatment for injuries you received.

Personal Property Damages

These values usually relate to the damage caused to your car or vehicle as a result of the accident. Note this isn’t a straightforward aspect as your car insurance policy will have an affect on this. For example your insurer may completely cover you regardless of whether or not you seek additional compensation through a no win no fee agreement.