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Personal injury claim value – variations

by sientelo99 on

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Apparently, people go to the gym to have fun and exercise. But gyms can also be an accident-prone area. An injury compensation claim can be set up if it can be proven that the gym has been negligent to the safety of its clients.

It is a necessity that gym staff should be oriented and trained with regard to the safety of their patrons. Accidents in the gym could be as simple as tripping over an exercise mat or a dumbel lying around in the wrong place to worse accidents like a body part getting caught in gym equipment.

In case of an injury, it is very important to record all the details into an accident book so as to save useful information that can aid in the success of the no fault accident claim. Minor injuries that can be treated by first aid have low personal injury claim value. Accidents that need extra hospital care are the ones that are applicable to make a claim.

If you have had a gym injury and are unsure if you are fit to make a claim, feel free to contact our injury claim specialist. We are always open to discuss your case. We will handle your case with a “no win, no fee” agreement in place. In case you lose a claim, no fee will be asked from you. Otherwise, you are guaranteed a 100% injury compensation payou