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Our client slipped and fell down the stairs

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If you have met an accident on a reported and unfixed residential hazard, you are allowed to make an injury compensation claim.

There is a case that we have recently undertaken involving someone who was injured by a dangerous hazard inside his rented home. It was said that the carpet on the stairs was floppy and not attached firmly. There have been reports that the lights in the hallway were also broken thus making the passageway very dark. This has been reported by some of the tenants on a number of occasions but still nothing has been done to address the complaint.

One evening, our client slipped and fell down the stairs because of the carpet and injured a shoulder in the process. This was seen by one of the members of the management.

The findings in the hospital showed a fractured shoulder and our client had to undergo an operation requiring the use of screws and a metal plate to be placed on the shoulder.

This is one of the most common reason for setting up injury compensation claims. So if you have experienced a similar incident and unsure if you are fit to make a personal injury claim value, please consult our injury claim specialist for accident claim help.

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