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Claim Guide ™ is a specialist when it comes to making a no win no fee claim. With our service there are no hidden charges.

Claiming online in straightforward using this form. Alternatively there is more information on the no win no fee process below.

No Win No Fee is a common term normally used to refer Conditional Fee Arrangements. Such agreements mean that if you make an accident claim and don’t win your case, there is no fee to pay. The cost instead is paid from insurance cover.

If on the other had you are successful in your claim, you would normally expect to receive your compensation in full without reductions. In this case the other side insurance cover normally pays. These arrangements where brought into the U.K. in 1995.

Prior to this a legal aid scheme was in place, backed by the government. This provided funding so that everyone could get a fair hearing.

The no win no fee process is actually a much simpler system than the one it replaced. Under the old scheme a regular had to assess whether an applicant for legal aid had a reasonable case.

Unsurprisingly this created a lot of administration and slowed down any potential claim. Now these decisions are made by the solicitor, which great speeds up the process. In effect the government outsourced the agreements.

Legal aid was administered by government, but no win no fee is purely between the solicitor and their client.

In order to make a no win no fee claim you will need access to a solicitor that handles such cases. However before contacting a solicitor or management company it would be wise to learn some of the pitfalls of the process.

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