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No Fault Accident Claim – Avoid These Mistakes When Making A Claim

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No Fault Accident Claim

No Fault Accident Claim

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The number of people making a no fault accident claim after being injured on U.K. roads is rising year on year. There are a number of contributing factors to this situation, with more people making an accident claim. Local councils are often partly at fault with road surfaces not being of a high enough standard. However speeding and dangerous driving are much more common causes.

Wet surfaces or worn down roads may result in a driver losing control of a car, or possibly colliding with another vehicle. Heavy rain or sleet can also play a role here. When such weather conditions arise, visibility is often restricted and the number of accidents sharply increase.

Despite big police operations on drink driving in recent years, many drivers are still caught over the legal alcohol limit. People driving under the influence of drugs, illegal and otherwise are also susceptible to causing traffic accidents. When a person is not in fit state to drive safely, the legal case for compensation is often at its strongest.

This is especially true if the victim quickly notifies the police, insurers and claim management companies following an accident.

No Fault Accident

After The Accident

In the event of a traffic accident occurring, making a claim for compensation usually entails contacting both your insurer and legal representation for your case. You may be apprehensive about doing this, but these people handle such cases everyday, and should give you clear guidance on how your personal injury claim is likely to pan out. Compensation for a no fault accident claim is calculated on a number of factors, including the severity of any injuries suffered.

The law states that after a traffic accident anyone involved must stop their vehicle. Its also accepted that those involved exchanged relevant information for example insurance details. Needless to say this isn’t always a straightforward affair, especially when a number of vehicles are involved.

At this stage its usually clear whether anyone in the accident has suffered severe injuries. Most of the time injuries are not apparent at the time of the accident, or are minor if so. Its illegal not to participate in these general practises. For example if one person doesn’t stop and share their insurance details they can be arrested at a later date.

Recent advances in technology have meant cars are safer than they have ever been. However driver error is always just around the corner, and the actual rate of traffic accidents has not declined much. Its not just drivers though.

Pedestrians not paying attention inadvertently cause many accidents, with vehicles swerving to avoid them. Hence at some stage in their lives many people are involved in a number of minor or unfortunately more serious accidents. Due to the volume of compensation claims though the process has become more streamlined in recently years, and should not disrupt your daily routine much.

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Making An Accident Claim

Making a no fault accident claim usually involves the help of a few parties. The two most obvious ones are the relevant insurers and legal representation. To make a successful claim for compensation a number of angles need to be covered.

For example you need to prove that another person has been negligent and to correctly estimate expenses the accident has caused you. Common expense claims are for time off work or medical appointments.