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Motorcycle Accident Claim – Discover Your Claim Value Here

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Motorcycle Accident Claim

Motorcycle Accident Claim

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The volume and occurrence of motorcycle accident claim cases has been increasing in many regions of the nation, contrary to the government’s claim about the requirements of road safety. Cases involving a motorcycles are simply on the rise.

Statistics gathered by the lobby group SafeSpeed from 19 police forces indicate that there was a 5 percent rise in the rate of annual deaths the previous year. It has been the highest recorded for the last 15 years.

The Government has been interrogated regarding its road safety strategy since it focused on adding speed cameras while repositioning police officers to other tasks.

On the other hand, ministers have been trying to divert attention from their failure to lower the death rates by emphasizing the decrease in figures of fatal road injuries.

Motorcycle Accident Claim

The Transport Minister, David Jamieson wrote a letter to the Government’s panel of road safety advisers. This letter leaked out and revealed how much concern he has for the death rate. Mr. Jamieson said, “I would like to make the levelling off in fatalities a particular area of focus for the panel.”

Accident Claim Views From The Top

On the contrary, Tony Blair expressed his optimism in a released statement regarding motorcycle accident claim road safety. He declared, “I am pleased so say we are making good progress.” He was pertaining to the Government’s aim to decrease the number of people killed and gravely wounded by 40 percent by 2010. Temporary figures indicate that the Government is pleasantly right on the right track in targeting its goal with the figures decreasing by 17 percent in the last 4 years.

However, the number on the headline was qualified by a message covered inside a three-year growth report on the road safety plan printed out yesterday by the Department for Transport.

The report states: “The previous downward trend in fatalities appears to have ceased since 1998. The 17 per cent reduction in killed and seriously injured is therefore entirely a result of year-on-year reductions that have been seen in serious injuries.”

The report was brought to a close by saying that the failure to bring down the death rate “would clearly detract from the success of achieving the motorcycle accident claim target”.

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Jamieson Claim Case

If the number of road deaths had decreased at the same pace as the rate of grave injuries, an estimated 600 lives would have been spared from death in 2002 alone. Nevertheless, Mr. Jamieson suggested making a separate target for reducing the death rate. “But I do think we need more research into why the death rate is not coming down,” he claims.

In accordance to this, Mr. Jamieson asserts that one the major reasons for the steady death rate at 3,400 for the last five years was the upsurge of high-performance motorcyles. This can be said because almost a fifth of the people who got killed on the road in 2002 were said to be motorcyclists.

The so-called “born-again bikers” are the largest division of motorcyclists comprising of men with ages ranging from 30-40 year old riding motorbikes of more than 500cc. This coming autumn, a national strategy on lowering motorcycle deaths will be broadcasted.

In 2002, the number of deaths has increased from 1,270 to 1,337 involving men with ages ranging from 20-24 years old. This makes up 20 percent of the male fatalities from 2000-2002.

Accident related deaths have hit a highest post-war peak of 7,985 in 1996 the remained steady in 2008 at 3,421. In contrast to the totality of death rates, the numbers of pedestrian deaths has continued to lower from 106 in 1998 and in 2002. An amazing improvement though was in the casualty rates in pedal cyclists with only a few killed and seriously wounded in all motorcycle accident claim incidents. It has fallen to 40 percent since 1998.