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Motor Accident Compensation Claim – Free Claim Calculator

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Motor Accident Compensation Claim

Motor Accident Compensation Claim

Motor accident scene

With so many people making a motor accident compensation claim today in the U.K. a number of common questions have arisen which everyone wants to know. Below you’ll find a short list of such questions, along with concise answers.

Whats the likely cost of my claim?

Your claim shouldn’t cost you anything. Virtually all car accident claims made today are done under a conditional fee arrangement. This is more commonly referred to as no win no fee. Such agreements dictate that legal costs are met by the losing party. If you lose this can mean your side is liable for the costs. However there are insurance policies available which will cover these fees. Be careful to find out from the outset whether the solicitor you choose to handle your personal injury claim will pay for this insurance policy, as not all will.

Motor Accident Compensation Claim

How long should I expect to see a result of my motor accident compensation claim?

Unfortunately there is no clear cut answer here. There are quit a few mitigating factors that go into a compensation claim, many of which are beyond your control. Note though that generally if you claim relatively soon after the accident i.e. within 3-4 months your likely to see a result faster than if you delay making a claim by a couple of years. The result is also more likely to go in your favour, as typically your case is stronger. There are of course exceptions. If you sustained serious injuries then understandably you may not be in a position to make a claim soon after the accident.

When do I have to claim by?

You usually have to make a claim within three years of the date of the accident. However there are exceptions to this rule. Children have three years from the time they turn eighteen. This means someone who is twenty could make motor accident compensation claim for an accident that occurred when they were a child. There are also exceptions for people with disabilities.

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Do I have to go to court?

Its unlikely. Most cases are settled before they reach court, as the insurer of the liability party normally accepts responsibility. However if there is dispute as to whether or not another party was liable for you accident, then going to court is possible. Note that going to court can be an expensive process, which will add to the costs of the losing party. However such costs are normally covered by insurance policies which you should take out if the situation arises.

What about medical bills?

These are unlikely. Most examinations carried out by medical experts are covered by another party. There is a chance though you may find yourself paying for specific medial treatment due to injuries sustained in the accident. If this is the case and you make a successful claim for personal injury compensation these fees should be recovered as part of your compensation package.

Is there a limit on injury types I can claim for?

Not really. As long as you can demonstrate that the accident has caused the injury its fine. In over half the number of cases in the U.K. whiplash is cited as one of if not the main injury received. Some cynics suggest this is because its hard to prove that a person in fact did not sustain a whiplash injury.

Is it advisable to report my injuries?

You should obtain written records of injuries by visiting a GP or a hospital. This will help strongly in the case for injury compensation. The strength of your motor accident compensation claim will be greatly strengthened with written proof that you sustained injuries, or at least evidence that you sought a medical examination.