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Man and Child Injured in Car Accident

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A father and child had an accident in Portsmouth recently. The little boy was settled in a booster seat that was positioned on the passenger seat of the car. The father saw a vehicle coming towards them so he decided to pullover into a lay-by to give way to the car because it so happened that the road was too narrow. Even if that was the case, the incoming car was driving so fast that it hit them head on. Both father and child sustained whiplash injuries to the neck and shoulders that was medically proven by a doctor. The car of the other party was severely damaged and they even denied liability over the accident. However, this changed when they suddenly took the all the responsibility for the incident.

The child and father both went to the doctor and they were diagnosed with whiplash injuries to neck and shoulders. They were able to make a traffic accident claim with the help of our claim specialists. You will be assured a 100% compensation payout. Contact us at 0845 10 88 833 to claim.