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Injury Claim Specialist – How Do You Find One?

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Injury Claim Specialist

injury claim specialist

Injury claims

The number of people seeking an injury claim specialist in the past decade has grown considerably. As such if you’re looking for a company which claims to be an claim specialist you won’t have far to look. However its advisable you do some research and read up on exactly what you’re getting yourself into before contacting a company to handle your claim.

In recent years a large number of poor quality ‘lead generation’ type companies have been setup to capitalise on the rise of no win no fee cases. Some claim to be experts at working on  behalf of accident victims when in actual fact they have no such expertise.

Given that its hard to tell between claims companies that can genuinely help you and those that should be avoided, its usually best to educate yourself on the matter first. Thus when you speak to a professional and receive personal injury claim advice you’ll be better able to assess whether that person really is a specialist who could help your claim.

With this in mind lets look at some insurance related information that a professional should be able to provide you with.

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Legal Expenses Insurance

Its important you’re  aware of legal expense insurance options before you start any claim following an accident. Indeed the injury claim specialist you appoint should provide this information. Legal expense insurance protects policy holders from the cost of legal action. Something occurs that results in legal action is known as an ‘event’. Broadly speaking there are two different kinds of legal expenses insurance. Research by the Ministry of Justice has shown less than a quarter of consumers have even heard of either kind.

Before the event insurance

Also known as BTE insurance, this is taken by those wishing to protect themselves against costs they could be liable for after an event has happened. Typical costs are court fees, solicitors fees, and damages awarded to the other side if the case is lost. This type of insurance is usually included as an add on to another insurance policy for example house, car or even travel insurance.

After the event insurance

Also known as ATE insurance this is taken out after the event has occurred e.g. a car accident. Normally this insurance is taken out by people who didn’t have BTE insurance. For example if the person making a personal injury claim loses their case and has taken out ATE insurance, then the insurer will cover the winning sides legal expenses and costs.

There a number of reasons you should be aware of these kinds of insurance before you seek advice following an accident. Firstly, you may already have BTE insurance without realising it! Its important your injury claim specialist informs you of this. Because its normally included as an add on to a different insurance policy, many people are unaware they have it. However around 60% of the U.K. population is covered.

If you don’t have BTE insurance your solicitor may require you to take out after the event insurance before they accept your case. This will cover them in case your claim is unsuccessful.

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Insurance Sharks

Depending on the type of insurance you have, you may have legal expenses insurance. This insurance company is likely to offer ‘help’ by suggesting a solicitors practise they’ve selected for you. What they don’t tell you is they’re actually trying to sell your case. Due to the volume of personal injury claims they process the insurer is a well connected party for any legal firm seeking clients in the personal injury market.

Thus legal firms will pay legal expense insurers every time they forward a new client. This can be in excess of £700 for every single case they forward! So far from helping you, they are actually trying to sell your case to the highest bidder. The insurer isn’t bothered whether the solicitor they recommend is really a good suit for your location and personal circumstances.

So remember, don’t feel that you need to go with their suggestion for legal representation. Far from looking out for your interests, they’re simply trying to sell your case. You are free to chose your own solicitor.