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Injury Claim Advice – What You Need to Know To Make A Successful Claim

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Injury Claim Advice

injury claim advice

Injury claims

Doing some preliminary injury claim advice research on making a personal injury claim is usually a good move. Many people in the market are seeking to first and foremost look after their own interests. As a result the claim advice they give may not always be in your best interests.

Therefore doing your own research first on the matter will stand you in good stead prior to entering any no win no fee arrangement. Below are some common questions and answers people seeking personal injury compensation often have.

Injury Claim

Can I Claim?

If you’ve been injured in an accident where another party was at fault, you’re likely to be able to make a personal injury claim.

When Should I Seek Claim Advice

With some exceptions three years from the date or the accident, or the date you found out the injury was related to the accident. Notable exceptions to this are if you were under eighteen years old at the time of accident. in this case the three years starts on your eighteenth birthday. Therefore at twenty years of age you could still claim against a third party for an accident you may have been involved in as a baby.

Further, under the Mental Health Act 1983 the time limit doesn’t start until the person has regained legal capacity, or in other words is in a position to put forward a claim. Any person giving you the proper injury claim advice should make you fully aware of this. Note injury claims being addressed by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)  are different. Here you have a deadline of two years. This covers events such as assaults.

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However its recommended you claim reasonably soon after the accident, but this doesn’t need to be immediate by any means. Injuries you may have sustained due to the accident may take time to settle, and its likely you will be given a medical examination around two months after the accident if required. The chances of you making a successful personal injury compensation claim though are higher if you do this within a few months of the accident, rather than leaving it a couple of years.

How Much Compensation Will I Receive?

Try our free injury claim calculator to find out

Will I have To Go to Court?

Its unlikely. Most claims for personal injury compensation don’t reach court, as the losing side needs to pay the extra legal charges this entails. You may have to go to court if there is dispute as to the fault of the accident or the amount of compensation that should be given.

Unsurprisingly insurance companies much prefer to settle claims outside courts to avoid expense court fees and extra solicitor time. When giving you injury claim advice your solicitor will make you aware of these scenarios.

Do I Have To Attend Meetings With A Solicitor?

It will vary between different solicitors, but few will make actual demands on meeting you in person. Indeed most claims for personal injury are dealt with by solicitors mainly via telephone and email/letter.