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Injury At Work – Discover The Value Of Your Claim

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Injury At Work

Injury At Work

Work accident

According to recent reports, there is proof injury at work victims are advised to accept payouts before they can get hold of legal counsel.

The behavior of the insurers who talk communicate directly to the accident victims have been investigated to put to rest the allegations about them pressuring the victims so that in return, they would give up their claim entitlement or to get less than what could be expected.

A compilation of evidence against such insurers has been submitted to the Financial Services Authority by the claimant lawyers and trade unions. It is now ready for investigation.

Injury -Insurers Viewpoint

A couple of insurers are being observed by the trade union, Unite. These are the insurers who took advantage of the accident victims by trying to settle the claim before the injured party could hire a lawyer and seek legal guidance. This is known as the “other-party capture”.

One example of this is the insurance company called Zurich who offered £4,000 as the “full plus final settlement” only to find themselves settling the case last November with £35,000. Another example of a third-party capture is what happened with grieving parents who lost three children on a road mishap. Evidence gathered by The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (Apil) showed that Quinn Direct initially offered them £21,000 that was fortunately settled last year at £70,500. Unite are extremely bothered by third party injury at work claim capture.

Injury At Work

It still cannot be decided by the FSA whether to close the perceived narrow gap or not. But a spokesman claims that the organisation will launch their own internal review of how the case was handled.

On the other hand, and AIB spokesman Mark Starling says, insurers do not wish to be accused of pressurising cases. For every £1 paid in compensation, around 40p is paid in legal fees.” It is a number that can be in so far as 70p in lower-value, usual value of injury at work claims.

RSA Care

Royal & Sun Alliance is looking at the idea of increasing third party capture by rebranding its claims handling RSA Care. Technical manager for motor claims, David Frost illustrates the procedure as ‘horrendously elongated and massively costly’. To add to that, he said, ‘’We were struggling to find the added value lawyers were bringing to typical low-value injuries.” Luckily enough, ‘up to half’ of third-party claimants are ably happy to settle claims directly.

President of Apil, Martin Bare believes that insurers are avoiding their obligations. “It is the job of insurers to pay compensation to those who are injured. To make sure the playing field is level, it’s important that the claimant gets independent advice. That is the cost of the system.”


Nicky Ridha, victim of a rear-end collision claims that she still suffers back pain three years after the accident. She said, “It’s a nightmare. I’m having sleepless nights.” The accident worsened her scoliosis something which she was never bothered before. “Now my back hurts when I do the most simple things – trying on clothes, shopping or reversing my car.”