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Ensure the safety of their clients and employees

by sientelo99 on

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There are always work hazards to every job. It is just up to the employer to ensure the safety of their clients and employees. If you happen to get employed as a fitter, accidents can always be near. You have to know that accident claim help is always available for you.

There is a one case where a man had to overstretch his body so that e could lift heavy fittings. After some time of too much exertion, the man suffered pain in his shoulder which led to an operation. He had to undergo physical therapy and get injected with steroids in order for his muscles to regain its normal strength.

Upon investigation of the case, it was discovered that the fitter had nothing to do with the accident. The employee was not given the proper orientation and training about the job he was to be undertaking. If that is the case, a no fault accident claim is possible.

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