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At Claim Guide we offer specialist guidance in winning accident victims the compensation they deserve.

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Its important to note compensation varies greatly. There are many factors involved, even if the injuries received by victim’s appear to be similar. This is because everyone is affected differently by injuries, and the amount of compensation awarded will depend to an extent on personal circumstances. The most popular compensation claim in the U.K. is for whiplash suffered in road traffic accidents. However workplace claims often have higher payouts.

Negligence is normally the main reason behind claims for compensation. There are many people and organisations you will encounter everyday who have responsibilities over your welfare. For example councils, retails shops, employers and other drivers on the road. If these people do not take whats known as reasonable care, accidents can occur. If this happens to you there may be a strong case for a compensation claim to be made against offending person or organisation.

Theres a misconception that Britain has a ‘compensation culture’ that is often fuelled by exaggerated stories and claims in the national press. This is in fact untrue. The majority of people who are eligible for compensation following an accident never actually claim. Further, Britain has one of the lowest rates of compensation in Europe.

Before making a claim is advisable to do a little background research on the claims process. There are some basic mistakes many people make early on which can prevent them from even being legally allowed to claim.