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Claiming After a Car Accident

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Car accidents happen everyday in so many different ways. You can either be hit while in motion. You can also be hit in the rear while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. Getting hit by a moving vehicle while you are at rest can be irritating but we cannot do anything about it. Usually, the reason for hitting a car at rest is either the vehicle in motion was running too fast and miscalculated his stop or he was tailgating the car in front. Worse cases can involve a lot of cars bumping into each other like a domino effect. If you happen to be the one who was hit in the rear by a running vehicle, you can suffer a whiplash injury in the neck, shoulder and back making you fit to get a whiplash injury claim.

In the event of a motor accident, it should be reported as soon as possible to the authorities for recording purposes. Ideally, everyone involved should be present to tell their part of the story. Although sometimes, a “hit and run” happens. Even the smallest details should be relayed to the police in order to help the authorities make a sound judgement of who really is at fault in the accident. The statements of the people involved can help in the success of the motor accident compensation claim.

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