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Chorley Man Hurt on Lawnmower

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If you live, work or are just visiting the city of Chorley, and you have suffered an accident which left you injured of which is not your fault, you may claim for injury using Claim Guide. We are a team of specialists in all types of claims for damage for which the most common are work accidents, driver or passenger traffic accidents, slip / trip and accidents concerning children.

For example a metal object flew into the right eye of a man of 25 years of age when he was left unprotected on a ride on mower. The wounded man said he was hoping his employer and other employers learn of his accident at work and would give all workers the proper eye protection in the future.

If you want to report any accident, you can file for accident claim help. We will discuss the circumstances of the accident with you and inform you of the next step.

All applications are accepted in a workplace accident no win no fee or 100% of compensation will be awarded.