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Child who sustained a severe injury on his hand

by sientelo99 on

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A recent case which we have handled involves a child who sustained a severe injury on his hand after hitting it on a metal that was sticking out of a wall. While he was waiting at a bus stop together with his family, he played with his ball by throwing it in the air. Then when he went to catch it, that was when he accidentally hit his hand on the metal on the wall. This can make him liable to set up an accident claim online if the authorities could be proven responsible for the accident.

After the said accident, the child was brought to the nearest hospital to get the necessary care he needed. It was reported that his wound required several stitching. If only the authorities had carried out their responsibilities, accidents like this could have been avoided. It is essential to keep in mind to take pictures of the injury. This will help make a injury claim a success.

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