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Car Crash Compensation – Putting A Value On Your Compensation

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Car Crash Compensation

Car Crash Compensation

Car accident scene

If you’re thinking about making a car crash compensation claim you’ll be pleased to know you’re far from alone. Every year more than a million people in the U.K. suffer from a personal injury, be it a traffic accident, a fall at work or tripping in a public place. For many this means not just physical suffering, but a financial loss – often due to loss earnings.

To make a personal injury claim its important there is clearly another person at fault for the accident. On a side note a lot is made of the supposed culture of claim that is often portrayed in the red top newspapers. However statics show that less than a third of accidents that occur result in a claim being made.

Further, consider the Citizens Advice Bureau stance on making a claim. In essence, the CAB believes that far from being a problem for our society, claimants are just in simply making a case for compensation that most of the time deserves to be paid out. Just because claims used to be less common doesn’t mean there is suddenly a culture of claim.

The truer picture is people are now more aware that they have a right to claim following car accident’s.

Crash Compensation

Many people considering a claim are held back by the fear that as they have little or no financial and legal resources they won’t be able to claim. This is far from their case. Conditional fee agreements or as they are more commonly referred to ‘no win no fee’ has meant there is no need for any financial backing. Typically the losing side in a case of car crash compensation pays the others legal expenses, and the claimant is not out of pocket.

Government Stance – Crash Compensation

Few people are aware that the government is a strong advocate of personal injury compensation claims on a no win no fee basis. Such arrangements decrease the amount of legal aid required on their part, and ultimately its the insurer of the losing side that pays the bill. Even if you don’t win you don’t normally pay. This isn’t always the case though as some solicitor’s require you to take out insurance to cover this  – which you may have to pay for.

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Road Traffic Accidents

These make up the majority of claims seen in the U.K. Around half a million RTA claims are made in the U.K. annually, most being for car crash compensation. In the majority of cases the insurer of the fault driver accept liability and pays compensation to the victim, as well as covering legal expenses built up to handle their claim.