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Car Accident Injury Claim – Learn How Much Your Claim Is Worth

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Car accident injury claim

Car Accident Injury Compensation

Traffic accident scene

A car accident injury claim can reach thousands of pounds.  Even though the numbers can seem high to people who have no never been in an accident, they are more understandable when you think of the affect a car accident can have on someone’s life.

Frequently, the claimant wins large amount of compensation for their injury. This is because damages caused by the injury like short-term memory loss, not being able to work, and others make up the final payout. In cases where the claimant has experienced serious injuries, the compensation will ensure that each and every need of that person is addressed in full.

Car Accident Injury Claim

Take for example the case of Olivia Johnson who was paralyzed after an accident which broke her vertebra. She also suffered from head injuries. Hence, she was paralyzed from her chest down to her legs. Her breathing was also affected which increased the compensation level of her car accident injury claim.

The papers that have been given to the High Court claim that Ms. Johnson is seeking head injury compensation of about £50,000-£60,000.

Olivia Johnson

The head injury compensation claim argues that not enough was done by road workers to maintain the road on which she was driving. Aside from that, Ms. Johnson has also filed complaints against the NHS Trust because according to her, she was not been taken care of properly. Plus it even contributed to the severity of the injuries she has acquired.

Head injury compensations can greatly affect one’s life. Ms. Johnsons family have established a fund raising website along with the filing of the head injury compensation claim. On a statement posted on the website, Ms. Johnson stated, “It became very clear early on that my needs would be extensive and ongoing for the rest of my life, if I was going to be able to have as much independence as possible/have a good quality of life and achieve the goals I have set myself.”

Car accident head injury claim

Apparently, it is too early to tell how the result of the head injury compensation claim will transpire. Nevertheless, it proves how crucial these accidents can be. You do not need to wait for a very serious head injury to file a car accident injury claim since other conditions can also affect one’s life.

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Similar is the case of Burim Shala. He filed a head injury compensation claim after he was hit buy a car while he was riding his motorbike. According to The Echo newspaper, Mr. Shala is in quest of £300,000 in head injury compensation after the episode.