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best to win the claim using a “no win, no fee” basis

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Whether we like it or not, accidents always happen. In some cases of a no fault accident, the injured party may wish to claim compensation for their injuries. In an event of an accident, not only the victim suffers but also his family. The victim might even have to quit work for a while leaving them with heaps of bills with no income to pay them all. You can be quite lucky if your employers would still pay you full even when you are off from work. But if you are quite on the unlucky side, you might only receive SSP.

From road traffic accidents to accidents at work, we at the Claim Guide handle them all with the help of our no fault accident claim advisers. We try our best to win the claim using a “no win, no fee” basis meaning that if you lose the injury claim, you do not need to pay anything. We ensure you of a 100% payout. You are reminded that a deduction will be made by solicitor if the set up claim is due to criminal assault. The maximum amount of years allowed you before reporting to the police is 3 years. However, different figures apply to children.  Please contact an injury claim specialist for accident claim help.