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Bendier Roads Are Safer Roads Says Study

by odesk-writer on

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Evidence seems to be emerging to suggest that straight, safe roads and plush, gadget-laden cars are actually making driving a more dangerous pursuit.

Driving, for many people, is boring enough. We’ve all been there: stuck in first gear in nose-to-tail traffic, with cramp quickly developing in your left leg and the cooling fan constantly whirring into action to give your tired, hot and bothered engine some temporary respite.

Driving can also be a yawn-inducing affair, says a new study from Newcastle University, if the roads are clear but offer nothing to keep the driver’s attention. The major culprit here is the motorway: miles upon miles of arrow-straight, marble-smooth tarmac that purely exists to give the shortest available route from A to B and are quite frankly rather boring to drive on. However although the evidence suggests they may be safer to drive on, cases involving whiplash are higher due to the speed vehicles drive at on these roads.