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Back Injury Compensation – How To Successfully Claim It

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Back injury compensation

back injury compensation

Injury claims

Filing a back injury compensation claim has become increasingly common in the past few years.

Virtually every one of us has had a previous experience involving back discomfort. If there is someone else at fault for causing your back pain, you may have a case for compensation.

However despite the pain, many people are reluctant to make a  compensation claim.  Some people think that they will not be eligible as their case is too minor. Although this can be true, its worth making enquiries to see what kind of case you might have. Compensation claims come from different social classes with diverse occupations; and not everyone that claims has a job that is of high risk for back injuries.

Back Injury Compensation

Court Views On Injury Compensation

Consider the case of the nurse Linda Andrew who made a back injury compensation claim after quitting her job in 2007. According to the High Court, Linda had to lift a leg of a man who weighed 22 stone plus the weight of the bandages, which is more or less three stone, against her weight of only 8 stone.

Of course she had to change the bandages of the patient and had to lift his leg. This caused an accident and led her to make a claim. Plus, the court was also informed that the nurse and her co-workers had brought their complaints regarding the matter to Surrey Primary Care Trust  before but no action was taken.  Her back compensation claim was a successful, and Linda Andrew won £8,570.

Gardening Injury Case

Mrs. Andrews struggled to go back to work after the injury happened but was forced to stop in 2007 . She claimed that ever since the accident she was not capable of doing any gardening, she was unable to drive long distances and she had a hard time walking her dog. These points formed the basis of how much she got from her injury claim.

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We should learn a lesson from the story of Mrs. Andrew. Applying for a back injury compensation claim is worth it even if the damages are not lifelong. It is also very important to get the advice of a legal expert regarding the matter to iron out the hassles involved in this case.