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Advice for Claiming After Assault

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Many injury cases are now are being recorded of people being hit by a bottle. Unfortunately, most of the victims are just with their friends hanging out together, leading them to have serious injuries. Most places where such cases like this are happening are in pubs and clubs or just outside.

Any attack must be reported to the police within 48 hours time and you must obtain a reference number.

You need to fully cooperate with the police if you want to make a claim for being attacked. We find most people who are injured in an unprovoked attack will be happy to cooperate fully.

They said attacks may be asserted through us and personal injury claims lawyers and you can file a workplace accident claim if the attack occurred at work. There is a deduction of 25%+vat from the compensation after settling the amount . That said, we do not ask in advance for all the money to fund the requirement.