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Accidents At Work

Work Accidents

Work Accidents

Every week around 1,500 people in the U.K. file a compensation claim for an accident they had at work. So if you’re thinking about making such a claim, don’t worry. You’re far from alone. Many people feel concerned about making such a claim.

Remember though,  your employer has a duty to provide safe working conditions. If they don’t do this they are breaking the law, and putting you and others at risk. So making a work compensation claim could actually save fellow employees from possible future injury.

Work accidents happen pretty much regardless of the job you do. There are more factory and construction site accidents than most other working environments. However offices have their fair share of accidents too.

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All employers have responsibilities to ensure employees work in a safe environment. For example, this could entail testing equipment regularly, providing the right safety gear, or educating employees on workplace hazards.

When work claims occur

Work accident claims happen when an employee injured at work, and the accident wouldn’t have happened if the employer had taken the right action beforehand to prevent the accident.

It is the employers duty to comply with Health and Safety laws which exist to make workplaces safe working environments. Making a claim against an employer for a work accident will require deep knowledge of work regulations. Therefore independent legal advice is necessary for anyone seeking to claim.

Returning to work

Returning to work after an accident can be a difficult time. To make the transition easier, many people advise you to try and keep in touch with colleagues whilst off work. Remember its important not to rush back to work too quickly. Some people who have done this before have found they haven’t made the complete recovery they would have if they’d stayed at home.

Making a work accident claim means you can remain financially secure whilst recovering from your injury, and thus you won’t need to return to work too soon