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Accident Injury Compensation – Valuing Your Claim

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Accident Injury Compensation

Accident Injury Compensation

Injury claims

Studies and surveys reveal that the number of claims for accident injury compensation have significantly increased in the last couple of years. This can be attributed to the fact that people now are more informed, and, of course, they all want to seek compensation. In the U.K. where most drivers are insured, more than 1000 claims are made each day.

Whatever the level or degree of the accident, all accidents must be considered as serious. As such, those who cause the accident and the injury are liable and must be made to pay for any and all damages.

Accident Injury Compensation Claim

Some people are understandably hesitant to claim for damages: they think that it is rude to seek payment from the persons insurance company who has caused the damage. However, if you analyze the situation carefully, you will realize that you are the victim, and that it is by no means rude to claim for damages. In other words, it is your rightful obligation to seek damage payment, and it is the third party’s legal obligation to pay you.

There are two general categories of accidents: work accidents and road accidents. If, for example, a driver collided with your car head on, you can claim for two sets of damages: one for any physical injury, and another for the damage to your vehicle. The claim is not really against the driver, instead, it is against the insurance company of the person, and they will be the ones to pay.

If the accident is work-related, then the story is different. The employer will take full responsibility for any and all damages, provided, of course, that the accident happened while you were working.

A common accident type is slippage due to roadways or slippery areas. In cases where there are no marked signals, people who slip and get injured are eligible to claim for compensation. If the accident happened in a public area, then the council is accountable to pay for the claim.

Legal advice when making an injury compensation claim

It is advisable to obtain legal opinion before you proceed with any claim. A claims assessor can provide you a with sufficient legal information of the issue and your legal position, and would help in determining the accurate amount of accident injury compensation in view of entitlement and the type of accident. Basically, the greater the damage or the injury is, the higher the compensation costs will be.

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The assistance of an injury claim firm is often taken for granted by many. You must understand that making a claim is not really a guarantee that you are going to win compensation. Basically, the consistency and the truthfulness of your statements will matter a lot.

Further, being injured isn’t enough on its own to claim. There must be a liable party that you can claim against. This is the reason why you need a solicitor or claim firm. They will study your case thoroughly so that you know the weak and strong points of your claim.

Physical and mental condition

The physical and mental condition of the victim before and after the accident greatly influences the accident compensation claim. Your compensation claim file should include your complete medical history which will prove that you were physically and mentally healthy before the accident. After all, you might have been injured already before the accident.

We believe that honesty is the foundation of a successful claim. Insurance companies can always check your records; therefore, you should not lie about prior accidents that you may have had. If you have suffered from related accidents in the past, tried to lie about it, and kept under wraps, you should anticipate a quick rejection.

One last note: you must remember that money crucial element in compensation claims. Basically, the claim will include medical and repair expenses (in cases of damaged property) and, of course, legal fees. As such, it would help if you seek out firms which offer a ‘no win no fee’ guarantee.