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Injury claims

If you’re thinking of making a claim following an accident that wasn’t your fault you’re far from alone. Every year about 500,000 make such claims, as many are entitled to compensation.

Accidents can and do happen at anytime. The majority of U.K. compensation claims are for road traffic accidents involving cars, motorbikes and vans. However workplace accidents are also surprisingly frequent, often due to poor safety training or sometimes a lack of proper equipment.

The most popular type of claim in the U.K. is following a road traffic accident. However accidents in retail premises such as restaurants and supermarkets are also common. Accident claims can normally be made for most non fault accidents. The level of compensation awarded is usually dependent on the claimants injuries. These can be psychological as well as physical. Any financial lost brought on by the accident is taken into consideration when calculating a claim.

Claiming after an accident

Many victims accidents need time of work to recover from their injuries. This can in turn lead to financial problems e.g. not being able to pay of personal loans or falling into mortgage arrears. The law recognises that these situations arise frequently, and thus compensation is regularly awarded.

One of the key elements of any claim is demonstrating that a third party is liable for the accident. They don’t need to be fully responsible, but they must hold at least partial liability. For example if somebody was talking on a mobile phone and drove into the back of your car they would be liable for any injuries to you that resulted from the accident.