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Accident Claim Help – Helping You Achieve Maximum Compensation

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Accident Claim Help

accident claim help

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The number of people seeking accident claim help has increased at a staggering rate in the past decade. At the same time the number of companies offering to help with your claim has also markedly increased. Before seeking help though you should first read up on the mistakes others have made before you.

The importance of this really can’t be underestimated. Car accident compensation claims have become increasingly complex as various parties try and protect their own interests. Here’s some inside tips you can use to make sure you get the compensation you deserve.

Early Settlements

Typically proposed early settlements come from the other persons insurance company before you’ve even had a chance to chose your solicitor. On the face of it this may appear advantageous to you. After all you’re being offered compensation without having to even consult a solicitor.

The problem is that if you accept the offer before consulting a solicitor you will be bound by it. This doesn’t matter if it turns out later the offer is clearly unfair to you. Too late.

Accident Claim Help

So what exactly is happening here? In a nutshell the insurance company is trying to save money. If you accept their offer they will not have to pay any of your solicitors legal costs which can be substantial. You should be aware its seldom in your interests to accept this offer.

Insurers will attempt to offer you as little in personal injury compensation they believe they can get away with. Failing to seek legal advice from the outset of your compensation claim may result in you receiving less money than you would normally be entitled to. This can be hundreds or even thousands of pounds in some cases.

So remember although this may look like genuine accident claim help they are in fact trying to feather their own nest.

Legal Representation

This is another innocent trick insurance companies play that at first looks like they are simply helping you out.

If you’ve been injured in a road traffic accident you may discover you already have legal expense insurance. This is often an add on to another insurance policy you already have for example car insurance or home contents insurance. Over half the U.K. population is covered by this kind of policy, which in industry speak is known as BTE (before the event) insurance.

Following your accident your legal expense insurer may contact you suggesting you use a firm of solicitors they recommend. Similar to the early settlement trick mentioned before, this at first looks like they are trying to be helpful. They aren’t. They are in fact trying to sell your case. The insurer will already have an agreement in place with the solicitors firm they suggest you use.

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For every no win no fee claim they provide to the solicitors they will be paid a fee. This can be over £700 for every case they forward! Whats more, the solicitor will only be suggested to you because this solicitor has offered to pay the most amount of money. The insurance company isn’t really interested in giving you help with your accident claim at all. Instead they are seeking to minimize their loses caused by their own client being involved in your accident.

In Summary

These are just two examples of mistakes you should avoid when seeking accident claim help. There are plenty of others though, so its important you read up on as much accident injury claim related information as possible prior to contacting claims management companies.